Battics out now on iOS !

Battics AppStore Link

As a recent graduate from sector k-9 military school your task is to keep the power flowing.

But as ever your mortal nemesis’s are out to stop you by collapsing your atom chain. Keep your chain charged by firing on and stunning charged asteroids. While stunned you must collide with them to release their power into the chain.

To control your pod tilt and turn the device, to fire your stunner weapon tap the left hand side. Your pod is equipped with a brake that can aid turning, tap and hold on he right side of the screen.

The chain continually loses power, if an asteroid hits part of the chain a mini black hole is created that attracts more asteroids in to the chain – they then move faster and faster.

Your pod loses power if it shot at or by collisions with asteroids and mines – but can be recharged slowly if you hang around in the centre of a chain.

Your aim is to get on the global leader-boards with the highest score.

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